Gene Beason(non-registered)
Hi everyone,
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Mona Bechai(non-registered)
Hello Henry,
i just saw our family photos album, and it is wonderful. The shots are warm, natural and convey a beautiful, relaxed environment and expressions. Thank you very much for coming over and spending the time to make these beautiful artistic pictures. Best wishes for your career.
Always a fan... I choose to be a "balcony person" for you.

So I am loudly cheering you on, in my own quiet way.

Marion Dieleman(non-registered)
Henry, I love the "Fullness of Life" photo. Your work is amazing, inspiring, and wonderful to look at!
Sarah Tang(non-registered)
Hey Henry! What distinguishes you from other photographers is your ability to capture the mood and evoke the right emotions with your viewers. I hope to see more of your work and perhaps at an art show someday in Vancouver!
Hi Henry ... your street shots are impressive, as is your shot of Lanois! Overall, you've developed a very keen eye and i'm glad to see that you are pursuing the medium so agressively! All the best ...
I loved the "Water is life" - surreal; to think how so little on our part, would make so great a difference on their part... it hurts to try and integrate the two worlds...

Also appreciated the G20 pix; also shows a dichotomy that we tolerate and live in - those with power and those without - but what's worse, is the information that is NOT being shared between the two parties, deepening the chasm, when all it would take, is a conversation (at least one after the fact would be better than none...)

I'll be back to visit more.
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