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Ahmed Issa

Ahmed Issa Mohamed
Taxi Company: Coop Taxi
Years driving: 2-3 years
Languages: Somali, English, some Arabic and a little bit of kiSwahili
Photo location: Regent Park
Date: Jan 27, 2017
Interview Excerpt:
Any interesting passengers?
Sure! Yeah we like to pick up the famous customers. Also we like someone when he goes maybe 30km - a little far - because we get more money (laughs). Yep, we get sometimes politician people, especially when the election in Canada. Big politicians I saw at that time.
But sometimes they talking sometimes, when they see my face they think I am Muslim – that is right – and they talking about the Muslims. Also they ask me – a lot – 90% ask me “Where are you from?” Then I tell them, where I am from. Maybe that is the first question that mostly they ask me.
What is your favourite food that you like to eat and where do you find it in the city?
My favourite food is camel milk and meat. But you cannot get camel milk and meat here (laughs) that’s where I grew up!! Because I used them before when I was young. I grew up with camel milk and camel meat. That’s my favourite. I miss both of them… but I eat here – my comfort food is spaghetti, Injera, also Sambuca – I think it is famous, you know Sambuca… garlic sauce, potato and meat – something like that.
Ahmed Issa