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Anwarul Jaigirdar
Taxi Company: Independent
Years Driving: 22 years
Languages spoken: Bengali, English, I speak a little bit of French, and I speak Urdu. I speak Hindi. So those languages I do.
Photo location: Regent Park
Date: Dec 16, 2016
Interview Excerpt:
How did you get started as a taxi driver?
Well, you know when I move to Toronto, I had lots of friends that are driving taxi. So, they suggest me to get a license and then I went to school and I got a license and then I started.
What do you like about driving taxi?
Well, I enjoy with my customers; because, this city is a multi-culture and the people are... You know this is a very icon city, Toronto, in this world. And the people are coming all over the world, you know? Specially in the summer time. And I really enjoy with all the customer that I am driving. It is such a beautiful city and my job is actually is all public relations.
I wanna tell you one more thing if you can write down to your book, okay? If you can tell it on your machine.
I am still recording.
I wanted to tell you something, I live in this country for 35 years. I love this country. I embrace democracy. I embrace democracy! And I think our all politician should embrace the democracy. And democracy should be equal for the every citizen of this country. And democracy should embrace the law and order of this country. It doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, what's colour you have - we are all same. This is the immigrant country. This is the multi-cultural country in this world. You can find food, color, the language, the face, everything to Toronto. This is the amazing city. We love this city. And our politician should understand what is the value of the people of this city. That's all I can tell you. And I wish if you can convey my message to your book.