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Imran Azam
Taxi company: Co-op
Years driving: more than 20 years
Languages spoken: English and Punjabi
Neighbourhood: Spadina, south of Dundas
Date: March 29, 2016
Interview Excerpt:
Can you tell me what interesting passengers you’ve had?
I like good attitude people. Good looking people. Like a joker in my cab. Funny people.
So what do you do between rides when you’re waiting for your next passenger? How do you keep yourself busy?
I talk on phone with my friends. That’s all I do.
How do you feel about the taxi industry in the last few years?
I believe taxi industry finished all over the world. That’s what I believe. Because my many friends they’re driving all over USA. Even in Europe. So I believe it’s over. No more cab. I don’t believe right now nobody making money. That’s what I believe. And I’m sure about tomorrow because big people involved in this business like mayor, king all over the world. Saudi king, he brought 500-million-dollar share. Bloomberg, he brought a share. So same thing is all over the world.
What are you proud of as a driver? What do you feel good about as a driver? How you treat your customers, or your car, or anything?
To be honest, I don’t like to drive a cab, but I love to drive a cab because of what I’ve done in life in a cab… I sent my brother to 4-year university here in Ryerson. He’s networking engineer. He got a good job. I didn’t make his taxi license. But I love to drive a cab because I’ve done everything in this one. I make money, I helped my family people, I feed them. At least I make a better future for my brother.
And I’m happy I enjoy—Yes I’m enjoying. I’m not really looking for lots of money. I don’t think more like a cab driver. ‘Oh, where is my fare? Where is my fare?’ I don’t think money. My stress is over money. I’m happy in my life.