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Najeeb Rahman
Taxi company: Diamond Taxi
Years driving: six years (at time of interview)
Languages spoken: Urdu, Punjabi and English
Photo Location: King Street West, outside of the Royal Alex Theatre
Date: December 2, 2013
Interview Excerpt:
Can you tell me when you're waiting for the next fare, the next passenger, what kind of things do you do to keep yourself entertained?
Sometimes I listen to radio. I talk with my friend. I use like Bluetooth… So, all the time, I feel, I see. It's a new scene for me, new person for me. So, it's a good thing.
Have you driven any celebrities, or had anything funny happen in your cab?
Yeah, I met Michael Douglas one time, like you know… the, actor. It was Film Festival land. Sometimes we have you know, big people.
Can you tell me places that you like to visit in Toronto or that you think that more people should visit?
No, I want to go to this new Aquarium. You know I've never been there. That's what like...
My plan is to go there and I guess it's a good thing. I like to talk to people so they tell me it's a good thing.
And are there any places you like to visit that, what are some of your favorite spots in Toronto?
No, my favorite spot is like you know, because of, like CN Tower, I've been to 2, 3 times there, like you know. And my favorite, actually my favorite spot is like the Dundas Square, I don't know. You go there. You see people, you know having good time and yeah.

Note: Najeeb was one of the first few taxi drivers that I interviewed. I attempted to contact Najeeb a few times prior to the 2017 Contact Photo Festival exhibit for a follow-up interview but was unsuccessful.
– Henry VanderSpek