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Hassan Shafiq
Taxi company: Co-op
Years driving: started in 2013
Languages spoken: English and Punjabi
Photo location: Church and Front Streets
Date: December 5, 2013
Interview Excerpt:
What is your area of education?
School background, well it has something to do with a Bachelor of Commerce at Ryerson University.
When you are waiting for your next passenger what do you do to keep yourself busy and entertained? What do you do?
I have actually not lots of time to wait because I'm cruising. Sometimes I stop maybe for five minutes on a stand. So I go online and look for the ... something Facebook and job search also, if anything is coming to me or not. So to me it doesn't.
What is your favorite food and if you're at the end of a long day of driving, where do you find your favorite food?
You know the Tandoori Nan? The Roti is called is Tandoori Nan Roti. It's with the ... it's called Chicken Vhuna. I don't know how do I describe this, our Indian dishes Chicken Vhuna.
And where do you find it? Where do you go to buy that food?
Any Indian restaurant you will get that.
What do you love about taxi driving?
I love about that because it's driving, I am feeling very good, knowledgeable because if I can go to several areas and I like to drive, so I like to travel also. That's that.
What do you love about Toronto?
I love about Toronto because I am here. Multicultural system, the people, everything is lovely to me, it feels lovely to me, I feel like it's very fine and good.