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A set of photos from the G8 / G20 protests in Toronto taken on June 26th, 2010.

I was downtown that morning to participate in a peaceful bit of creative activism around the G20 and their global funding priorities with my then colleagues from World Vision Canada and other World Vision country offices. Later I was in a photography class at Henry's Camera that day when the class was cut short as the TTC (Toronto's public transport) was being shut down. I met a friend and we wandered around capturing strange, shocking and surreal scenes of our now unrecognizable city.

Ten years later the repercussions of this day are still being felt and discussed. Especially with the current "Defund the Police" movement as the mililtary-like police presence in Toronto during that weekend was extremely harsh and excessive. Others who were present captured much more of what took place than I did, but these images share a glimpse of what took place.

All images ©Henry VanderSpek/ Do not share or repost without express permission.