I had the opportunity to document Honest Ed's final turkey giveaway, held on Sunday December 13th, 2015. Many notables were actively involved, including Mayor John Tory, Police Chief Mark Saunders, Blue Jays player Dalton Pompey, Mike "Pinball" Clemons, members of Toronto's Kinky Boots theatre production, and several others.

I was very impressed with several long-time Honest Ed's employees who I met, including Frank (employed for 48.5 years), John (employed for 39.5 years service) and Maria (employed for almost 41 years) - all who are included in this photo album.

Honest Ed's closed at end of 2016, and is now being redeveloped. While there are many good plans for the Honest Ed's site, I will always miss this wonderful one-of-a-kind Toronto institution.
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